Common Problems With a Solar Hot Water Heater

Posted on: 29 July 2016


When you have a solar hot water heater, your energy bills are reduced and you have hot water you can count on. While it is an effective and high-quality system, it can also pose some issues over time. Here are some of the most common problems your water heater may experience so you know when repairs are needed.

The Tank Can Get Corrosion

Solar hot water heaters might not have as big of a risk of corrosion as other types of water heaters, but it still remains one of the more common issues with this type of water heater. Corrosion in solar water heaters typically occurs as a result of galvanic corrosion. This is when metals that have different electrical charges come into contact with each other. One of the metals then corrodes from this contact. If you notice a lower quality of your water, such as discolouration or an odd taste, you might be dealing with corrosion. Having a leak is another sign that there is corrosion. You need to have a technician look at the solar hot water heater.

There is a Leak

Speaking of leaks, this is another common issue with solar water heaters you need to be aware of. Although, it is also something that is easy to spot, so you should be able to get repairs quickly and avoid major damage. Leaks in a solar hot water heater may occur due to the aforementioned corrosion, or from any of the pipes, the tank itself, or the panels. If you notice water around the base of the water heater or near the solar panels, you need to call in a technician to have it looked at. The sooner you do, the less severe the repairs will be.

Wire and Connection Problems

Over time, it is possible that the wires and connections of your water heater become loose. This could be due to rusting of the bolts, requiring replacing them, or simply being loose from age. It is a good idea to inspect the water heater routinely to look for such problems. If you find wire connections that seem loose, this isn't something you should repair yourself. However, a simple loose bolt might be something you can either tighten or replace on your own.

The reason solar hot water heaters are inspected by a professional regularly is to look for problems you might not catch on your own. This keeps you from major repairs or having to replace the water heater prematurely.