Three Signs It's Time to Schedule Stormwater Pit Cleaning

Posted on: 26 July 2016


A stormwater pit is a small basin leading to the stormwater drain on your property. Ideally, you should have your pit cleaned once in awhile. Wondering if it's time to get it cleaned? Here are a few signs that it may be time to book some stormwater pit cleaning:

1. Your stormwater pit is full of visible debris

If you look in your pit and see piles of leaves, dirt or rubbish, it is definitely time to book a cleaning. If your pit cannot drain properly, the water will be backed up in your yard, and it could enter your basement or flood the ground floor of your home.

2. The pit overfills or drains very slowly

If you notice that your stormwater pit is draining more slowly than it should, or if it overflows sometimes before draining, those also could be signs that your pit needs to be cleaned. Your pit is the first stop for rainwater as it prepares to leave your property. If functioning correctly, the pit holds onto silt from the water, and it allows the rest of the water to drain into the storm drain.

If the pit is too full of silt, some silt may spill into the storm drain. If the silt gets caught on a seam or a ridge in the drain pipe, it may start to build up, and that eventually can block the pipe. As a result, water will travel more slowly through the pipe, causing the pit to overflow or drain slowly.

In cases like this, you need to have the pit cleaned so that no more silt runs into the pipe, but you also need to have a professional clean out the pipe. If it's just a buildup of silt, it may be relatively easy to clean out by blasting water into the pipe at force. Ideally, you should let a professional take care of that so you don't use too much force.

3. There are signs of stormwater damage on your property

If you have other signs of damage caused by poorly draining stormwater, that may also mean that your pit needs to be cleaned or that there is a blockage somewhere in the drainage system. For example, if you have a cracked driveway slab or a buckling bit of pavement that you believe has been caused by poorly draining water, you may want to have your pit cleaned.

For more tips on when to schedule stormwater pit cleaning, contact a pit cleaner like Able Liquid Waste Pty Ltd.