5 Instances When You'll Need Ecological Consultant Services

Posted on: 24 July 2015


An ecological consultant is often needed before construction of a home or commercial building, and before any major landscaping features are added or changed on a property. If you're considering a new construction of any type, you might want to note if you should use the services of an ecological consultant first. The following suggests when their services may be necessary, and what they may look for and report on with your property.

1. If you want to build anywhere near a wildlife habitat

Not only do you need to ensure that your construction will not interfere with the wildlife habitat, but you also want to ensure that the groundwater is not contaminated from any runoff. A wildlife habitat may mean high levels of bacteria in the water and in turn, the environment may be unsafe for homeowners or occupants of a commercial facility.

2. If you want to build a well on your property

It's good to know if the water that will be supplied to your well will be safe, or if it contains high levels of any type of microorganism, lead, and the like. Most homeowners treat their well water with cleansers before using it for drinking, but you need to know if there are special treatments or precautions you should take with well water from your particular property.

3. The soils seems especially arid or overly moist

An ecological consultant can note if there is soil erosion or if you need to consider an irrigation feature for your property for better drainage. Soil erosion can cause overly dry and soft soil that may not support a new building construction, and overly moist soil may allow water to collect around the building's foundation and cause leaks and other damage.

4. When you want to build large ponds on the property

A small koi pond in a home's backyard may be very easy to construct, but if you want to build large ponds on the property then you should speak with a consultant. He or she can assess the soil to note if it can support a pond without having walls collapse or may note extra precautions that should be taken to preserve the pond and not cause environmental damage.

5. If the property is at risk for mould or mildew

An ecological consultant can note if the area of construction is overly moist and may pose a risk for mould or mildew inside. If so, you may want to take extra precautions with mildew-resistant paint and other treatments to protect the property.  

If any of these situations arise, be sure to contact services like Australian Ecological Research Services Pty Ltd before starting a project.